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NISS offers an American school and American-styled program, including curriculum and international programs, that allow students to access study in a variety of countries and cultures, all within the same K-12 educational system. NISS aims to convey its high quality American-internationalized education to other countries, preparing students of all ages for success in an ever-increasing global community.

​Elementary Division K-5th

Language Arts

Reading Reading aloud, comprehension
accurate understanding of sentences and articulation Spelling phonics, enforcement in vocabulary Grammar Basic grammatical rules Writing composition practicing to write using the rules they learn Speaking Speech present their opinions and thoughts through presentation and Practice to speak up in front of the class


calculation, graphs, critical thinking


living things, body, natures, machines


rules in Japanese, stories, kanji


music theory, instruments, chorus


exercise, ball sports, dance, gymnastics

E-H: 当校のプログラム

Middle School

Language Arts- Reading Short stories, fictions, non-fictions, drama, poetry, Vocabulary: reading comprehension, critical thinking, usage of a dictionary and pronunciation key, word usage, synonym and antonyms, etc

Math- numbers, division, multiplication, measurements, decimals, fractions, graphing, probability, word problems, geometry, area, surface area, volume, etc..

Science-DNA, chemistry, lights and sounds, action and measurement, universe, planets, earth, atmosphere, human body, health and nutrition, machines, energy

Social Studies—World Geography Greek and Rome, South America, Africa, Europe, Africa, American History―Civil wars, world war, sociology, economics, politic

Bible—Israel, captives and restoration, Jesus and his disciples, Apostol Power prayer sins and salvation church history

E-H: 概要



Language Arts

poem, non-fiction, drama, short stories, American literature, researching skill, reinforcement for speaking and writing, grade-level vocabulary


algebra I,II, geometry, pre-calculus


general science III, biology, chemistry, physics

Social Studies

American history, civics, world geography, politics, economics


survey of New and Old Testament, Bible doctrines, Christian faith and life

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